Root Checker

Automated One Click Root

Android rooting is a bit complex process. If you are newbie to Android rooting, a single mislead move can brick your device permanently. We highly recommend you to use our Assisted one click rooting tool if you have less experience in rooting. We have following services within One Click Root service.

  • Root any Android device
  • Root / unroot / repair / recover
  • Online 24 hours assistance


This is a must-have utility for root users through which you can get verified the success of your root or not. Having Root Checker for free you can confirm the root status of the device. Over 10 million users have downloaded the app so far and have complemented its simple and convenient work-frame.

Root Checker Requirements

  • Compatible Android 8 and above
  • Having enough battery

Download Root Checker

  • You should have to download and run Odin.
  • Please visit from a desktop PC to download the Windows version.

Before Start Rooting

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